Johnny Schoofs (België, 1981) is dancer, choreographer and movement teacher living in the Netherlands.

He graduated at the Dance Performance Department of the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Fascinated by the holistic functioning of body and mind he studied intensively the Feldenkrais method (certified teacher since 2010), and followed the Vocal Dance & Voice Movement Integration Training with Patricia Bardi (certified somatic movement pedagogue since 2012).

As freelance dancer he worked with many Dutch companies/choreographers in Holland: Djazzex, Leine&Roebana, de Stilte, WEGO, Uri Ivgi, Bruno Listopad, Maaike van Dijk, Lonneke van Leth, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Neel Verdoorn. He performed internationally successful shows of Golden Lion awarded Viennese collective Liquid Loft (Chris haring). Currently his focus has shifted to practicing/researching/performing instantly composed performances with different peer groups.

For many years he has developed own choreographic work supported by Dutch dance houses for young makers (Dansateliers Rotterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam): “Performing Portraits”, “Iron John”, “Testos”, “Shudder”, “Boudoir”, “The Undercurrent”. Recurring themes are authenticity in movement, sexuality & intimacy, fear & desire, gender & masculinity, destruction & the expression of the Dionysian archetype.

He teaches dance improvisation, instant composition and Feldenkrais (somatic movement method). He is active at several Dutch professional dance educations on a regular basis (Codarts Rotterdam, Albeda Rotterdam, Fontys Tilburg). Also he teaches many workshops and courses to non-professional dancers.

Currently he is studying the Life-Art Process at the Tamalpa Institute in California with Anna & Daria Halprin. An international renowned center for movement-based expressive arts therapy.


foto: Edgar van Kesteren


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