MELCHIOR (Billie’s Roos) 


Dance performance where poetry and the moving body meets and interweaves through space. 
Directed by dance maker and poet Billie Hanne as part of the project Billie’s Roos.

13 – 14 May / 20:00
Theater De Nieuwe Regentes
Weimarstraat 63, Den Haag


BB / Makiko Ito




Interactive dance & music performance for parents and babies from 6 till 18 months!
21 May / 10:30 + 12:00
Dakota Theater
Zuidlarenstraat 57, Den Haag



OT301 flyer Melchior-page001

 T h e   p a s s i o n   o f   a   r e d   s e a   s t a r
(directed by Billie Hanne)

“You are stupid!”, we told the watchman. We stole his key and locked him in eternal sleep.
There he bathed and looked younger than we could ever be.
Melchior did not disapprove, but busied himself with the World elsewhere.
“What can I do?”, he said. And we too saw he was better off taking care of his plants and horses, of his dahlias and sea star collection.
I remember one of us pointing at the waves until they became transparent and we entered a new day.

MELCHIOR is a piece danced from the occurrence of a specific event in ancient times that is unimportant now, but in which we, the dancers, have taken part.
The space in which new action is being produced is here and now and lightly threaded by the facts of common history, rather than the burden of it.
The action itself is sharp and precise, a direct implication of the action that precedes.
Words are spoken occasionally and reveal a poetry of place and moment, of brevity and ephemeral gravity before they are let go off and disappear.

Performers: Johnny Schoofs, Ilse van Haastrecht, Virag Dezso, Billie Hanne

At OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam on May 7 at 21h

This performance is part of a double bill together with the piece DEEP BROWN SEA,  a solo performed by Billie Hanne.





BIMHUIS presents “MONDAY MATCH” (on location)
Sat 27 Sep / 18:00
at FELIX & FOAM (Keizersgracht 324)

A short improvised dance & music performance by
Ig Henneman (viola)
Marta Reig Torres (dance)
Johnny Schoofs (dance)

as part of the closing festival of Felix & Foam on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.
Expect a full weekend of performances and events.
Entrance is free.


 (picture by Sabine Tostain)




Bimhuis Amsterdam / 1 Sep 2014 / 20:30


Usually every first Monday of the month, during Monday Match, dancers and musicians collaborate to create unique improvisational performances on-the-spot in front of a live audience. The unusual pairings will inspire performers and audiences alike.

Curators: Marta Reig Torres & Ig Henneman

Dansers: Ana Ladas, Kateřina Dietzová, Marta Reig Torres, Kenzo Kusuda, Johnny Schoofs, Alina Fejzo.
Musicians: Sebi Tramontana trombone, Diamanda La Berge Dramm viool, Ig Henneman altviool, Nicolas Chientaroli piano


Free entrance


oorsprong mei 2014


3 unprecedented and challenging improvisation lineups curated by Jan Bas Bollen (live electronics), Thomas Johannsen (dance) and Raoul van der Weide (acoustic improv).
OCS is a monthly collective improvisers initiative since 2009 generously supported and made possible by volunteers and audiences.




The Secret Life of Phrases

2 Concert/Performances as a conclusion to a short research into voice and movement improvisation

A musical phrase, just as a movement phrase are the DNA of any music/dance improvisation performance. They are building blocks, that combined create more complex structures of dance, composition, story…

And what are phrases themselves made of? Sounds, tones, rhythmical relationships in music, and for physical performers: smaller pieces of movements and the way they are pieced together in tension and timing.

Dance & Voice: Sarah Kate Gardiner, Maria Michailidou, Johnny Schoofs, Marc Alexander Nukoop, Virag Dezso, Moira Mirck, Petra Pieck, Marjolijn Roeleveld, Yinske Silva, Marisa Grande, Thomas Johannsen


Saturday 29 March at 19.00-19:45 in Amsterdam 

DANSMAKERS, Eerste Helmerstraat 102 ½ (opposite 147)

– free admission to the performance

In the afternoon, dancers and singers can join an open workshop session (IC practice) where we will share results of our research (16:00 doors open, session 16:30-18:45, contribution: 15 euro) Please announce if you would like to join the session via writing a comment to this post (click here).

Sunday 30 March at 16:00 – 17:30 (with pause) in Utrecht

a performance in the BOILER ROOM series @

HET HUIS Utrecht, Boorstraat 107

Admission: 6 Euro

The BOILER ROOM is the new monthly music&dance improvisation event in Utrecht, inviting dance & music professionals to perform in instant composition settings.

“The Secret Life of Phrases” has been a project by Marisa Grande & Thomas Johannsen, in collaboration with theGenetic Choir, the IC Practice of Dansimprovisatie Utrecht&Amsterdam and the Carpet Improvisation Research.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the performances and sharing this work with you!


Oren en ogen

Studio Trenkel presenteert: OREN EN OGEN

17 / 18 / 19 MEI – VIDEO en PERFORMANCE

Dans: Performance van Johnny Schoofs met live muziek van Friso van Wijck en Gonzo Almeida: BOUDOIR
Performance: Dagelijks performance van Gerwin Luijendijk/Thomas Körtvélyessy: Framing every loud muscle.
Video: Elke dag video-screenings van Bitsy Knox, Gerwin Luijendijk, Tetsushi Higashino.

Rijnhoutplein 4, Rotterdam



ONE NIGHT is an evening of dance, poetry, music and art;
touching the realm of fear and desire.

Billie Hanne/The Wheel
‘Palace’: solo performance that delves deeply in the language housed by the body.

Dance + music:
Johnny Schoofs & Hilde Elbers + Friso van Wijck & Goncalo Almeida
‘The Undercurrent’: The wild intuitive comes to surface…
http://hildeelbers.wordpress.com/, http://gonzobass.wix.com/gonzoalmeida.

Efrat Zehavi http://www.efratsite.nl
Goncalo Almeida http://artalmeida.blogspot.nl/
Jolanda Linssen http://jolandalinssen.nl/
Vanita Monk http://www.monastery.nl
Wilma van de Hel http://www.woutera.nl

ONE NIGHT is part of the residency ‘Desire/Destruction’ of Johnny Schoofs en Wilma van de Hel in Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam.

Entrance: 10,-
Ruimte in Beweging, Boterstraat 81, Schiedam



Desire Destruction flyer

Come and see the presentation of the research project ‘DESIRE/DESTRUCTION’ of
Johnny Schoofs and Wilma van de Hel in Ruimte in Beweging.

An artistic collaboration developing performance and artwork
touching the realm of fear and desire.

Saturday 8 June 20.00. €7,-
Ruimte in Beweging, Boterstraat 82, Schiedam

reservations: info@ruimteinbeweging.nl


at Zawirowania festival Warschau
on Thursday 27 June
The wild intuitive comes to surface…
A duet performed by Hilde Elbers and Johnny Schoofs




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