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SOMATIC MOVEMENT LAB  offers combined workshop programs of movement-based expressive arts practices. They are guided by Johnny Schoofs & Hilde Elbers, two inspiring dance artists with a rich somatic educational background. In the morning deep somatic focus of the Feldenkrais method allows you to go into the anatomical and sensory layers of the body. In the afternoon, guided by Tamalpa’s LIfe-Art Process, you dance and move with the newly acquired knowledge, bringing them into solo, duet and group dances. Expect empowering workshops full of embodied imagination, creativity and wonders. Playfully you create new ways of interacting with your surroundings from a more grounded sense of self.

Open for all levels!!! Experience is not necessary.

A somatic practice as resource for the dancing body.

Life is movement. Change the quality of movement and you change the quality of life. These gentle, exploratory movement lessons combine the Feldenkrais method with improvisational dance. Moshe Feldenkrais designed the Awareness-Through-Movement classes to bring attention to the deep functioning of the body, to become aware of your personal anatomy in motion and generating more efficiency and ease in your movements. You are encouraged to take lots of time to integrate new-felt physical discoveries into your own explorations, opening up new pathways in your dancing. Steadily you are building a new body of knowledge, allowing the dance artist to grown into a fuller sense of self. 

Creating dances and art with the whole self.

Your body is the vehicle through which you live your life. All your thoughts and emotions live through the body. The Life-Art approach, founded by Anna and Daria Halprin, enlivens the dialogue between body and imagination, life experiences and art making. In these sessions movement and dance are supported by instinctive drawing, poetic writing, improvisation and storytelling. In a playful way you use the symbolic language of the arts to grow the connection between the physical, emotional and imaginary levels of your awareness. Through the creative process of dancing and art-making you open up the wisdom of the body. You generate insights to help you live a more alive life and create meaningful and embodied pieces of art.



Johnny Schoofs (BE/NL) is a professional dance artist, movement teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner. He graduated at the Dance Performance Department of the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Fascinated by the holistic functioning of body and mind he studied intensively the Feldenkrais method (certified teacher since 2010), and followed the Vocal Dance & Voice Movement Integration Training with Patricia Bardi (certified somatic movement pedagogue since 2012). As freelance dancer he has worked with many companies/choreographers in Holland and abroad. He has developed own choreographic work supported by Dutch dance houses for young makers. Recurring themes are authenticity in movement, sexuality & intimacy, fear & desire, gender & masculinity, destruction & the expression of the Dionysian archetype. Improvisation plays an important role in all of his artistic work and he loves to perform instantly composed performances with different peer groups. He teaches dance improvisation, instant composition and Feldenkrais. He is active at several Dutch professional dance educations. Also he teaches workshops and courses to non-professional dance enthusiasts.


Hilde Elbers (NL) is a choreographer, professional dance artist, teacher, coach and Life-Art practitioner. Rather then departing from pre-existing forms and ideas she prefers to dive into the depths of the imagination to create. She finds it important to have meaning and healing embodied in teaching, creating and performing. She has touched many people from all walks of life with her art making and performances. Her choreographies evolve around the theme of surrendering to life and come forth out of an endless fascination for the workings of the human psyche. She studied at the Contemporary Dance department of Fontys Dance Academy and collaborated the last 15 years with an extensive list of choreographers in Holland and abroad. She graduated from the Tamalpa Institute California as movement-based expressive arts therapist, coach and art maker under supervision of dance pioneer Anna Halprin and expressive arts icon Daria Halprin. She is a desired teacher in Floorwork/release technique, Instant Composition and improvisational dance at dance academies as well as in the non-professional dance field. She believes strongly in the unique voice of each individual. She is passionate to let those voices speak!


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